Review: P.S My Perfect Colour

I have always been a Penneys girl, I mean my wardrobe would have a lot more space if it wasn't for them. We've all been there, go in for socks and about an hour later emerge with 2 big brown bags hanging off your arms. No shame in it. Although I sing their praises on… Continue reading Review: P.S My Perfect Colour


A small price goes a long way…

Nothing nicer than taking you're makeup off after a long day and you want that process to be as effortless as possible. Here's 2 different eye makeup removers, one from Estee Lauder (€20-25) and one from Primark (€2). While there's no arguing the Estee Lauder product feels much nicer on the skin, i.e. doesn't leave… Continue reading A small price goes a long way…