My skincare routine

You will wear your skin for the rest of your life so it's important to look after it. If there's any gene I'm happy to have inherited, it is my mother's clear skin. I previously took that for granted and I'm still guilty of falling into bed after a night out with my face still… Continue reading My skincare routine


Show your makeup brushes some love

Cleaning our makeup brushes....whether it's something you love or hate to do, it's just something you really shouldn't avoid. We can spend all our hard-earned cash on as many skincare products as we like but even the best can prove redundant if we go ahead and constantly smear dirty brushes all over our face *shudder*.… Continue reading Show your makeup brushes some love


Review: TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Range

Over Christmas I was lucky enough to win a hamper containing the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth range. My previous impressions of TRESemmé hadn't been great, I found their products would leave my hair feeling heavy. So I've kinda steered clear as of late. On using the Keratin Smooth' range, however, I made a discovery. Either in… Continue reading Review: TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Range


Last weekends makeup

Last Saturday saw my boyfriends beautiful sister celebrate her 21st. Spent the last 2 days recovering (don't judge 😂) so only getting around to sharing my product list now.... Face: •Estee Lauder 'Doublewear' foundation (shade: ecru) •Inglot Under Eye Concealer (no. 95) •SoSuMe Contour Palette •Note Bronzing Powder (shade 20) •Note Luminous Silk Compact Powder… Continue reading Last weekends makeup

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Sunday’s are for winding down: Mentally prepare for the week ahead

For me, being a midwife who does shiftwork, there really is no such thing as a Sunday. When I have them off, great. When I don't, my 'Sunday' might be on a Thursday. Life is hectic and it's important to take some time out sometime in your week to just unwind and prep for the… Continue reading Sunday’s are for winding down: Mentally prepare for the week ahead


A small price goes a long way…

Nothing nicer than taking you're makeup off after a long day and you want that process to be as effortless as possible. Here's 2 different eye makeup removers, one from Estee Lauder (€20-25) and one from Primark (€2). While there's no arguing the Estee Lauder product feels much nicer on the skin, i.e. doesn't leave… Continue reading A small price goes a long way…